Children will learn how to

  • Read and write music notation
  • Master new pieces quickly by using efficient practice tricks
  • Perform in front of others
  • Prepare for music exams (when beneficial)
  • Truly understand and enjoy music

Accelerated learning

  • Gamified learning: Children learn more thoroughly when they are fully engaged. Sam’s students enjoy weekly games to lay an effective foundation for rhythm, pitch and posture.
  • Games library: Students take home weekly games to help them acquire new musical concepts.
  • Sightreading: At Sam’s studio, students learn to read music with games that fully explain the musical staff.

Putting it all together in a fun way.

Feel and interact with the notes.

Engaging young students with imaginative games.

Practice teams

It takes a team to nurture a budding musician! The child, parent and teacher all work together to develop the child’s skills.

Parents help to cultivate a musical environment and guide their children with their home practice.

Parents do not need prior experience with music. By participating in lessons and making use of the provided learning resources, parents can confidently encourage their children at home.

Lesson Plans



  • 30 minutes
  • Weekly lessons
  • Gamified learning
  • Learn to read music from the earliest stages
  • Learn to internalise rhythm patterns
  • Lessons in Taminda, a suburb of Tamworth, NSW

$420 / term*

*Based on a 10-week term

Our Terms and Policies

Term fees

All of our lessons are based upon a term-by-term commitment. Payment for the term is due on the day of the first lesson.

There is no additional registration fee.

Missed lessons and make-up policy

Lessons missed by the student: If the student cancels a lesson, the lesson will not be refunded or credited. Instead of cancelling, the student can opt to have the lesson online or can send a video to the teacher before the lesson for feedback. The student may have the opportunity for a make-up lesson if another student cancels their lesson.

Lessons missed by the teacher: If the teacher cancels a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled or credited to the next term. Where neither of these options is possible, the lesson will be refunded.

Cancellation/suspension policy

If the student/parent cancels enrolment with no less than three weeks’ notice, we provide a full refund of any remaining lessons.