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Needing violin or piano lessons? You've come to the right place. If you need trumpet or trombone lessons, click here.

Violin lessons

The violin is a wonderful instrument to learn. Learning the violin helps to develop pitch, tone control and expression in musicians. Be inspired to start learning the violin or further develop your violin skills.

Violin lessons are $25/half hour.

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Hi, I’m Sam

I’m a violinist and pianist in Tamworth NSW and love teaching other people how to play. I know how important music is in learning and how much fun it can be, that’s why my most important goal is to inspire my students to love making music with their instrument and aim higher to develop their musical skills. When I’m not playing my violin or piano, I’m probably designing websites or enjoying some photography.

If you would like to know more about Violin or Piano lessons, please contact me.

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Piano lessons

The piano is a very versatile instrument. It is used to lead large classical orchestras, accompany small string groups or perform beautiful solos. Learning the piano helps to develop technique, rhythm and musical expression in musicians. Playing the piano can be so enjoyable. Why not start learning the piano or further develop your piano skills while having fun at the same time?

Piano lessons are $25/half hour.

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